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Hauntworld Set for New Design and New Server
Tue, December 08, 2009
() Comments is the premier website on the PLANET to help people find haunted houses, haunted attractions, halloween events, and much more!  We learned a lot in 2009 and now with 2010 we plan to redesign most of our sites, add new features, and improve performance of our servers.  This past Halloween season continued to crash on weekend due to tens of thousands of people trying to access the website, which as you can expected overloaded our servers.

Hauntworld has already been moved to a new server with FOUR TIMES the power of our previous server... all the server experts tells us that we now have the server that is required to handle the traffic we now face each September and October.  Hauntworld doesn't help anyone when or if the server crashes!  Additionally we want to help people who come to Hauntworld to find information about our industry.

Hauntworld is getting a total make over and we hope for the better... additionally we will add 10 TIMES more content than ever before!  Starting next week Hauntworld will upload nearly ONE HUNDRED articles, features and how to on haunting!  Hauntworld wants to keep your informed and help people find the best haunted houses in the WORLD! 

Below find a preview of what the new will look like! 

New TSHIRTS will also be coming soon! 

Keep checking back for updates! 


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Hauntworld Magazine Issue 23 Set for Release
Tue, December 08, 2009
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Get ready FRIGHT FANS because Hauntworld Magazine Issue 23 is set to release... this will be one of the best ISSUES we've every produced!  The new jam packed issue will cover all the events at the 2010 Transworld Halloween and Haunted House Attraction Show in St. Louis, Missouri March 25 through the 28th, 2010 (  You will learn inside this issue the who what wear about the all new Darkness tour set for the Haunt Show, plus exciting articles from the guys at Haunted Overload.  Haunted Overlaod will teach you how to make your own over the top, bigger than life props, also learn how to create exciting and creative video and photos to help promote your business next Halloween. 

If you do NOT have a subscription get one today at or


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IAAPA Show Review 2009 / Magazine Updates
Fri, November 27, 2009
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Hauntworld Magazine just returned from another IAAPA show (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions) located this year in Las Vegas, Nevada.  IAAPA is the biggest amusement park show in the World with many Halloween and Haunted House Vendors in attendance.  IAAPA is not the same show it was in years past when the show was dominated mostly by large over the top displays by large amusement companies... now the show is dominated by companies displaying inside four or less booths.  The show is also smaller than it was several years ago, and clearly you could see the show did not use all the usable space they had rented for the show.  It seemed like many exhibitors had scaled back or simply did not attend the show.  The attendance of the show was also way down from the heyday period of years past.  

Over the years a handful of companies have bought out almost all amusement parks and even many family fun centers giving control of the amusement industry mostly to Six Flags, Cedar Fair, Disney, and the Universal ./ Blackstone Group.  The big amusement parks do not send the loads of people to the shows anymore because big companies go to the park management directly to pitch new idea's and concepts.  Additionally due to IAAPA creating tradeshows in Europe, Asia, India, and other parts of the World many overseas buyers also no longer attend the show.  I doubt attendance or the buying power of IAAPA shows will ever again return mainly because of the industry consolidation but still this show is very important to many smaller companies and especially those in the Halloween haunted house industry.

Even though I would not put this show on the TOP of the MUST SEE list ( would top that list) I do however suggest all haunt owners attend this show at least once every other year.  If you are looking to find new products, push your small amusement business into new directions, find things you couldn't find otherwise I would highly advice you to attend this show.  This years show wasn't much different from the 2008 addition in Orlando with exception of the Las Vegas strip as the shows backdrop.  Most of the vendors same as last year, nothing much new, nothing major to see, if youv'e been to 15 shows in row like we have been.  Now if you've NEVER attended one of these shows YOU REALLY MISSED THE BOAT! 

IAAPA offers something for everyone from insurance companies to insure your haunt, ticket management systems, money counter machines, ATM machines, to every single type of food product to every single type of games for midways, to laser tag and yes even major rides.  There was several haunt vendors at IAAPA again this year such as Scarefactory, Oak Island, and several others however their booths are much smaller with different focus.  

What did I see at the IAAPA show that was a must see for a haunt owner... for one I would say a company selling Rain Insurance.  The rain insurance company made a great pitch about how much money haunts would have made this year had they bought his program.  Additionally I found this AWESOME money counter machine and bought two of them... it could bank face bills, pick out counterfit bills, do print outs and so much more.  I also heard several haunters bought ATM machines running only $2500.0 or so ... seems like those ATM machines could pay for themselves in a couple weekends.

All in all it was a fun show and I wish more haunters could have attended.  Next years IAAPA show will be located in Orlando, Florida home of Disney and Universal Studios.  Which city did I like better... Vegas or Orlando?  I liked Orlando much better because its cheaper!  The unions in Vegas were not the best to deal with and seemed to charge for everything.  Orlando is the best place to hold an amusement convention and I hope IAAPA does NOT return to Vegas again.

Now we can start looking forward to the 2010 Transworld Halloween and Haunted House Attractions show in St. Louis, Missouri March 25-28th, 2010.  You can learn more about the upcoming Haunt Show at

Hauntworld Magazine was featured on the America Haunts Television Show all October on Travel Channel!  The next Hauntworld Magazine will debute in January 2010.... more news coming soon! 

More blogs coming soon! 

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