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Haunted Industry Selling Tickets Online - Ticket Leap
Sat, September 07, 2013
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In our continued effort to educate the Haunted House Industry our new topic this week with the haunt season coming up quickly is selling tickets online.  Many haunted house owners and operators still do not sell tickets online... why?  Almost every single amusement attraction sells tickets online this is what the consumer wants and expects.  There are many benefits to selling tickets online such as you know you have a guaranteed sale, to simply reducing wait times at the attractions themselves.  If you can increase your online ticket sales to lets say 50% as your guests arrive they go straight into the attraction opposed to waiting to buy a ticket then on top of that waiting to get into your haunted house. 

We have found that selling tickets online is a benefit to our guests and our business.  There are a lot of haunts who've tried to sell tickets online but claim it was not effective.  However when we visit those haunts websites we found very little effort on their part to provide the proper links to buy tickets, and no effort to encourage the customers to buy online opposed to on site.  Once customers understand that they can reduce half the waiting time by simply buying online you'll find most of your customers will pay the convenience fee simply to have a better and quicker experience at the attraction.  Here are some tips to selling tickets ONLINE... have a button created that states 'BUY TICKETS ONLINE CLICK HERE" and polace this image on all pages above all content.  Additionally we suggest on your ticketing information page you attempt to educate your customers the benefits to buying online.  Remember don't limit how many pages you place links to buying tickets online!  This Halloween season try to sell tickets online and make an all effort to promote the sale of tickets online.  Lastly an online ticket agency can typically set your attraction up the same day you contract them.  Good luck this Halloween!  This blog was brought to you by Ticket Leap!

Hey Haunters! It’s not too late to get your haunt online. TicketLeap makes it easy to sell advance tickets and accept credit cards onsite at your haunt. Completely DIY-friendly with no contracts, no setup costs, and no ticketing fees for onsite sales. Just sign up and create your events.

Time is running out, so visit get started today!

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Fangoria Magazine Features Some of America's Best Haunted Houses
Thu, August 29, 2013
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Fangoria Magazine the last standing Horror Movie magazine just featured America Haunts on the front cover of the magazine.  The magazine is filled with articles about some of America's best haunted houses including Netherworld, Bates Motel and many many others.  You can buy your copy now here


Remember is the best place on the planet to find haunted houses, haunted vendors, and all things haunted this Halloween season!  Check back daily to find out the latest haunted happenings this Halloween season 2013! 

Lastly remember Hauntworld is about to release the best 31 haunted houses in America 2013!  Keep checking back! 

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America's Best and Scariest Haunted Houses and Attractions 2013
Sat, August 24, 2013
() Comments will once again create multiple articles, and stories about the best and scariest haunted houses and attractions across America for the 2013 Halloween season.  Every single year we've released lists of our favorite real haunted houses, haunted attractions, to even the best and scariest haunted house movies!  We have even researched and releases articles about the best and biggest corn mazes, haunted hayrides to the best places to do ghost tours in America.  In 2013 will soon release all the best places to get scared across America for this years Halloween.  Can you think of other stories or articles we should or haunts we shoudl consider please leave comments on this blog! 

Additionally is totally redoing our America's Best Haunted House Page linked here:  This page will also help you find over 100 featured articles about the best and scariest haunted houses in America.  2013 we are predicting will be the biggest Halloween season in 10 years because the kick off for the season starts on September 13th and Halloween falls on a Thursday which allows haunters to stay open November 1st and 2nd.

Halloween season is on its way and Hauntworld will be right here to report on all the Haunted Happenings and help over 1 million guests find the best haunted houses near you! is the biggest online haunted house directory including listings for pumpkin patches, corn mazes, hayrides and much more. 

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Find Haunted Houses, Haunted Attractions, Real haunted houses, the best and scariest attractions in the World. is the biggest online directory for anything and everything Halloween, Haunted, Spooky, Scary and everything bump in the night.  Are you looking for the best haunted houses near you then use the Hauntworld haunt finder directory to help you locate attractions throughout America, Canada and the entire World!  Please take time to review the attractions you visit and post your reviews online for all to read.  If you are looking for any type of scary attractions from the very scary gory haunted houses to even the family friendly events like pumpkin patches, hayrides, corn mazes to even zip lines and more you will find them here on helps you find real haunted houses, zombie runs, fall festivals, Halloween and Haunted Attractions. is also the best place to find year around haunted houses across the World including the biggest and the best haunted house attractions. is also the only website on the web that rates and reviews haunted houses across the globe with our field of reporters reviewing only the scariest haunted houses in the country.   Now will help you stay updated on all the Zombie haunted themed attractions like Zombie Runs, and or Zombie themed haunted houses!   Do you want to learn the history of the haunted house industry then we can provide this as well is the biggest and best haunted website on the planet!  Halloween has gone crazy in America and now the World and will help you find just the right scary attraction for your next haunted encounter!  Also join our facebook page to stay updated daily!  Happy Haunt Hunting! 


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