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Decorate Your Home for Halloween - Haunted Houses
Mon, September 16, 2013
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Americans spent close to $8 billion on Halloween last year, according to the National Retail Federation. With scary celebrations getting bigger every year, becoming the best-decorated house on the block may seem difficult -- but it’s easy if you have insider tips and tricks.

“Giving your home a spooky look for Halloween can make or break your trick-or-treaters’ night,” says Larry Kirchner, publisher of and owner and operator of the world’s number-one rated haunted house, “The Darkness”.

Kirchner, who has been building and operating Halloween amusement attractions for 25 years, has some tips for turning your home into a spooky haunted house:

• Create a cemetery: “Haunting" your yard sets the tone for your whole haunted house. One of the easiest, most fun, yet eeriest things you can do is turn the space into a graveyard.  Let your grass grow long, add a gothic fence and a zombie or two popping up through the ground and make your own tombstone or coffin to complete the look.

Start by getting pink or blue foam from the hardware store. Cut the foam into the shape of a tombstone and then coat it with light plaster, thin concrete or other textured material found at the hardware or art supply store. Finally, paint it gray, and use a hotwire knife to carve in RIP and a name.

To make a coffin, use 1x6 pine boards and 2x2s nailed together into a box. Paint the outside and then get creative with your theme. For a Victorian vampire style coffin, line the interior with velvet curtains. For a deserted Old West theme, use jute or burlap on the inside.

• Spin cobwebs: Achieve that old, abandoned, dusty look inside, or create creepiness outside, by spinning your own cobwebs. Most haunted house supply websites sell cobweb glue guns that use air to spray thin strands of glue. You can create any size cobweb over fake birds, china cabinets or even trees.

• Creepify your windows: Add a red light to the bottom of the windows, and hang torn black curtains to make the windows look creepy when they`re lit. Hang boards across the outside to give the house an abandoned look.

• Add eerie effects: Play spooky sounds on a stereo outside or through open windows. You can find great Halloween soundtracks online. For a dramatic effect, use a fog machine to make the house look otherworldly. You can rent or purchase fog machines at most party stores.

• Break out some black birds: Dollar stores often sell black birds, which you can make frightening by gluing scraps of gray fabric to their feathers and buttons over their eyes. Hang them in the yard or throughout the house with black gauze or spider webs from the party store.

This Halloween, get spookily creative. Go beyond a simple Jack-O-Lantern and haunt your whole house.

Check back with for more tips to make your home haunted house better than ever and feel free to leave comments and questions! For more inspiration on Halloween decorations or haunted houses, visit

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Atrox Factory Alabama's Best Haunted House Featured Review
Sat, September 14, 2013
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Leeds, Alabama - Atrox Factory

By Hauntworld Magazine


Alabama Haunted Houses are some of the scariest and best in America! rates and review the best haunted houses, haunted attractions, and Halloween evnets in America!  Atrox Factory is located in Leeds, Alabama, and has one of the scariest haunted houses in America!  Prepare to scream!  Sit back and prepare to scream through our review of Atrox Factory!  This Halloween you can't miss the scariest and best haunted attraction in the entire state of Alabama, Atrox Factory  Atrox Factory has set the standard for other Haunted Houses to follow in Alabama with incredible detailed sets, amazing special FX, and some of the scariest actors in America.  Atrox Factory has not only set a standard in Alabama but is one of America's best and scariest haunted houses traditionally ranked in the annual Hauntworld Top 31 Haunted Attractions in America.  Hauntworld now presents an inside look the best haunted house in Alabama but also American.  Learn more about Atrox Factory by visiting their website.

To learn more about Leeds, Alabama's near Birmingham Atrox Factory visit their websit below:



During the period from 1881 through 1920, Birmingham, Alabama earned the nickname The Magic City due to its rapid growth. From its founding through the end of the 1960s, Birmingham was a primary industrial center of the South. Today, not far from there, in Leeds, lives ATROX Factory® known for its

 In the 1980’s, the Birmingham Jaycees Haunted House was the celebrated haunt throughout the city, and during the late 90’s, Slain Manor® ruled the scares in Alabama.

The creators of Atrox Factory® were an integral part in both of those great Southern Halloween traditions.
With the Scream Team’s combined 60 years of experience in the Haunt industry, it’s fair to say they know a little something about haunting. Now in its 11th year, ATROX Factory® not only offers the Southeast one bad ass haunted house event, but they also invite the audience to meet their favorite horror celebrities with annual Horror Celebrity Weekends. ATROX Factory® has played host to some of the biggest names in horror including Linda Blair of The Exorcist, Robert Englund aka Freddy Krueger of Nightmare on Elm Street, Doug Bradley aka Hellraiser’s Pinhead, Dick Warlock aka Michael Myers, Gunnar Hansen of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Angus Grimm of Phantasm and of course Elvira®. 

No other haunted attraction can claim such a prestigious list… Period.  From its inception, ATROX Factory® has taken pride in offering additional
entertainment to their patrons. This has always been an integral part of ATROX Factory®.

The Atrox Scream Team believes the haunted house customers decide which haunt is biggest, baddest, best, scariest, etc. and are still humbled by the huge following ATROX Factory® maintains year after year. Atrox Factory is known nationwide as one of the best haunted attractions in America due to the amazing amount of work put into the set design, and special FX.  Atrox Factory features a massive maze and some of the scariest monsters in America.  Atrox Factory spends more time training and developing their staff than almost every haunted house in the country as they pride themselves upon making their guests scream!  No expense is spared at Atrox Factory, every set, every costume, the training of their mosnters, to bringing in some of the biggest names in Hollywood to meet and greet the fans of Atrox Factory!  Halloween means more to the crew of Atrox Factory than simply one month a year, this is a lifestyle building, designing, and developing new scarest year around.  The team behind the screams attends haunted conventions, amusement industry tradeshows, trying to find the next biggest and best effects to install in Atrox Factory and when they don't see what they want their team develops their own creations.  The team behind Atrox Factory are some of the most respected horrific minds in the entire Haunted House Industry.  Atrox Factory attracts crowds from around the Birmingham Alabama area but also from haunt fans from around the Southeast and haunted house owners from around the World!  What makes Atrox Factory one of the most respected haunted houses in the haunt industry?  What makes haunted house owners from as far away as California, Texas, or other parts of the World come and visit Atrox Factory every single year?  Atrox Factory is simply original, different, unique, scarier than what most who visit ever have experienced.  The legend of Atrox Factory grows every single year and with that the team behind the madness must reach deeper into their bags of blood to keep the attraction cutting edge!  Come and see one of the best haunted houses in America!  
With ATROX Factory® haunted house beginning its 11th year, these masters of horror are celebrating by cranking up the fear to 11 as well!  So, if you’re around Alabama this haunting season and you want to get your scare on… ATROX Factory® will be waiting to hear you scream!!!


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Haunted Industry Selling Tickets Online - Ticket Leap
Sat, September 07, 2013
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In our continued effort to educate the Haunted House Industry our new topic this week with the haunt season coming up quickly is selling tickets online.  Many haunted house owners and operators still do not sell tickets online... why?  Almost every single amusement attraction sells tickets online this is what the consumer wants and expects.  There are many benefits to selling tickets online such as you know you have a guaranteed sale, to simply reducing wait times at the attractions themselves.  If you can increase your online ticket sales to lets say 50% as your guests arrive they go straight into the attraction opposed to waiting to buy a ticket then on top of that waiting to get into your haunted house. 

We have found that selling tickets online is a benefit to our guests and our business.  There are a lot of haunts who've tried to sell tickets online but claim it was not effective.  However when we visit those haunts websites we found very little effort on their part to provide the proper links to buy tickets, and no effort to encourage the customers to buy online opposed to on site.  Once customers understand that they can reduce half the waiting time by simply buying online you'll find most of your customers will pay the convenience fee simply to have a better and quicker experience at the attraction.  Here are some tips to selling tickets ONLINE... have a button created that states 'BUY TICKETS ONLINE CLICK HERE" and polace this image on all pages above all content.  Additionally we suggest on your ticketing information page you attempt to educate your customers the benefits to buying online.  Remember don't limit how many pages you place links to buying tickets online!  This Halloween season try to sell tickets online and make an all effort to promote the sale of tickets online.  Lastly an online ticket agency can typically set your attraction up the same day you contract them.  Good luck this Halloween!  This blog was brought to you by Ticket Leap!

Hey Haunters! It’s not too late to get your haunt online. TicketLeap makes it easy to sell advance tickets and accept credit cards onsite at your haunt. Completely DIY-friendly with no contracts, no setup costs, and no ticketing fees for onsite sales. Just sign up and create your events.

Time is running out, so visit get started today!

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