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Hauntcon Announces Partnership with Halloween Retail Show - Houston
Tue, August 13, 2013
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Hauntcon Tradeshow announced this week they are partnering with the Halloween Retail Show in Houston January 23-28, 2014 at the George Brown Convention Center.  Hauntcon has traditionally been a show in late April now and focused on changing cities to tour new haunts.  Now they at least seem to be co-locating with the Halloween Retail show which has no haunted house industry presense.  Several years back the haunted house industry and the Halloween retail industry split and went their own way with the Haunt industry starting its own tradeshow in St. Louis through Transworld and the Halloween Retail industry starting their own show in Houston.  Haunted Houses and Halloween Retail really have little to nothing in common and have no real reason to co-locate but Hauntcon will give it go.

We see many flaws with Hautcon's new plan to produce the show in January... for one most haunt vendors are not available to exhibit in January as they are in full production for new products.  Most haunted house owners have proven they will not attend a show in the winter hence IAAPA has very little haunt owner presence.  Additionally Hauntcon has been known for going to cities and producing haunt tours yet Houston has already been toured once and there are few if any well known haunted houses there. In our view Hauntcon picked the WRONG city and produce their show we suggested cities with a high concentration of haunted houses and population like New York, Boston, Philly, Atlanta, or even Baltimore which is nearby many haunt owners.  

It will be interesting to see if Hauntcon can survive moving their show in the dead of winter when most vendors and buyers have little interest to travel.  Additionally it will be interesting to see how the Halloween retail industry welcomes some haunted house presense considering they did not want to share a show with the haunt industry before.

To learn more about the move to Houston visit

Remember the main haunted house industry show is in March 20-23, 2014 in St Louis Missouri ... walk through over 100,000 square foot of animations, props and special fx.  To learn more about the Transworld Haunted House Show visit their website at

Stay tuned to Hauntworld All Halloween season for the latest in Haunted News.

Hauntcon Tradeshow Haunted Houses
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Haunted House Movie Called Monsters Wanted
Thu, August 08, 2013
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Hauntworld is the biggest support of Haunted Houses and the Haunted House and Attraction industry.  We are always proud to promote something that promotes the haunted house industry.  Today we learned about a new film that just released called 'Monsters Wanted' where a film maker follows around a new haunted house owner as they try to hire actors for their attraction.  Haunted Houses are not easy to operate and most haunt owners don't make a dime or lose their life savings.  It's very interesting to see so many films coming out or reality shows that showcase just what goes on inside the operations of haunted houses.  Check out the trailer and watch the film then come back to Hauntworld and post a few comments and reviews.  With the Haunted House season right around the corner Hauntworld will continue to do everything it can to highlight anything that promotes the haunt industry.


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Haunted House Magazine Released
Mon, July 29, 2013
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The Haunted House Halloween season is almost here as most haunted houses will open on Friday the 13th, 2013.  Hauntworld Magazine has released its Summer 2013 Haunted House Edition jammed packed with reviews of 5 different haunted houses from around the country, and includes several articles to help those with Screamparks, Haunted Hayrides and Haunted Houses. 

Pick up your copy today at

Hauntworld wants to remind all haunted houses across the country to update their haunted house listings for the upcoming 2013 Halloween season.  Log in today and update your times, dates, and descriptions of your haunted house.  If you have trouble updating your account please contact us! 

Lastly Haunted House Supply Store at has added several new products including all sorts of new CGI FX for your haunted house.  Visit the site for new products!

Haunted Houses
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